Africa Day 2012 with Concern Worldwide

Back in May I had the pleasure of working with Concern Worldwide again with a small project concerning Africa Day. Africa Day is an annual event which is celebrated across the world on May 25th every year. In Ireland Irish Aid organises a series of events that take place across Ireland which include music, art and other cultural events. The events aim to raise awareness of development issues across the continent.

Concern rowed in behind this and decided to create a small vox-pop youtube documentary in which members of the public were asked a series of simple questions to test their knowledge of Africa. We went down to the streets of Dublin and spent an afternoon talking to people with interesting results. It was a very enjoyable project and shows the variety of views and opinions concerning Africa. A lot of the people we met seemed to have quite well rounded views as regards to issues of development in Africa.

You can see the concern blog post here

Check out the Irish Aid Africa Day website here


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