Dennis Boscovich: Jameson Vital Ingredient

ProVideoIreland were recently requested by Dennis Boscovich to provide a promotional video for his application for Jameson’s International Brand Ambassador programme for 2014. This was a very fun project that had one vital premise, to capture Dennis Boscovich’s vital ingredient which would make him the perfect brand ambassador for Jameson Whiskey.

In this video we decided to go for a professionally lit, two camera set up to provide extra dynamism for the footage. Dennis also provided many photos of his escapades travelling across Europe and Africa as well as his time raising funds and campaigning for various charities.

I recorded a video for a graduate programme with Pro Video Ireland and the result was much better than what I expected. Kevin turned over an hour of me talking into a concise two minute video. I also had a few professional photographs taken and they were also up to standard.

The equipment used was impeccable. Pro Video has a great structure and Kevin is very professional, he made me feel very comfortable and I was able to record the video at my own pace which was very important to me as that was my first time recording a video.

I would definitely recommend Pro Video Ireland to anyone.

Dennis is a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil but has been living in Ireland for the past four years. It would be safe to say that he possesses a keen entrepreneurial spirit after buying a vending machine to help fund his immigration to Europe!

Image showing some of the set up we used on the photo shoot
Image showing some of the set up we used on the photo shoot

The International Brand Ambassador is an opportunity offered by Jameson to help kick start careers for business graduates from across the world. As you can see from the video above Dennis is an outgoing and creative individual and we wish him every success in the future!

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