The Evolution of Ireland – Indiegogo Campaign

I recently had the pleasure of working on an Indiegogo fundraising campaign for the author/archaeologist Stephen Daly. He is currently engaged in a crowd funding campaign to release the first volume of his book entitled “The Evolution of Ireland”. As Part of the video I filmed the introduction where Stephen explains how this is a two part project that he has been labouring over for the past five years. He then goes on to appeal for funding to help with the completion of the first volume of the book. The job was a relatively simple one but Stephen was happy with the results none the less:

My name is Stephen Daly and I employed Pro Video Ireland’s services to record a video for an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a book I am writing.

I found the service to be very friendly and accommodating and, most importantly, professional. I had never recorded a video before but the experience was made much easier by a relaxed atmosphere and the level of attention to detail.

I would highly recommend Pro Video Ireland to anyone.

Stephen’s book concerns itself with two fundamental questions. What is Ireland and also who are the Irish? In the campaign video Stephen reads an extract from the beginning of the first volume of the book. As far as I’m concerned the book sounds very interesting and is worth a look. If you like what you see and would like to support his work you can go to his indiegogo campaign and contribute to the project yourself. I’m sure your support would be much appreciated. At the time of writing Stephen had raised over €6,000 towards his fundraising goal. Well done Stephen!

For more information about the book you can also check out Stephen’s website here:

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